And then you'll sing, you'll do your thing.

 Moa Lignell - Whatever they do.
we're not yet there.
It comes a time when you don't know.
Only you know better,
You make decisions on your own but we're still here.
Whatever they do,
Whatever they say,
Leave it tonight and go your own way.
And then you'll sing,
you'll do your thing.
Believe me when I say so,
I want you to know how things can feel.
Keep you away from what is out there,
I wanna prepare you on for what's real.
You'll get by and get it your way,
Whatever they do Whatever they do.
I tell you everyday
(just how much I love you). 


I din lyckas djup du bävar -varför rädes du? Du står mitt i livets fullhet, varför skälver du? (sida 68) PÄR LAGERKVIST/HJÄRTATS SÅNGER/ALBERT BONNIERS FÖRLAG 1951


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